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Questions We Are Regularly Asked

Due to the current situation, residential and commercial cleaning has never been so important to keep your home and business safe. If you are worried about the sanitization of your environment hiring a professional service like JME Janitorial Services LLC is the best way you can be assured that you are in a clean and bacteria-free zone. We have provided you below in the following questions and answers post, a list of the services that we can offer you, and reasons why our number should be the one that you call.

Convince me that I should use your services

Too easy, our company opened its doors in 2017, but wait, our experience extends to a whopping 15 years. The people of Norristown, PA hire our services because they know that we are sticklers for detail, and leave no stone unturned when we take on a cleaning job. We can customize our reliable cleaning services to suit everyone’s needs and have an experienced team of 15 that have all been background checked and trained to use our cleaning products, and machinery. Our reputation for honesty, reliability, and open communication is well-known, and thanks to our clients, our database is steadily growing due to word-of-mouth referrals. We provide various services and have provided in this post a complete list of what they entail.

Do you only take on cash-paying jobs?

No, we also accept personal checks if you find that more convenient.

Do you have insurance?

We sure do. Our customers want assurances off us to prove to them that they are fully protected in case anything untoward happens while our crew is on their premises, also it protects our team.

Do you only work within the boundaries of Norristown, PA?

No, we also cover the following:

  • Lower Providence Township, PA
  • Bridgeport Borough, PA

  • Upper Merion Township, PA
  • Audubon, PA

  • Conshohocken Borough, PA

Do you only take on residential jobs?

No, we also offer a professional janitorial service, details on what we offer are available on request.

What about quotes, do you offer them?

Of course. As mentioned at the beginning of this post, we can cater to anyone’s needs, so if you have certain things that you want to be cleaned, give us a call and we can come and inspect the premises and discuss what you want from us, and what your overall budget it. And, just in case you ask, our estimates are free.

Discounts, are they on offer too?

They are, but only to our most loyal customers.

When is JME Janitorial Services LLC open for business?

Our working hours are as follows:

Monday – Saturday: 8 AM – 8 PM

Sunday: Closed

Can you tell me what your other services are?

Of course, please read the following:

If you are not sure what some of these services entail, please call us and ask.

Upon the completion of our frequently asked questions post, if you feel confident enough to pick up the phone, please do not hesitate to call our professional home cleaning service at this number (267) 433-6265 to make an appointment within our working hours.

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